Our Capabilities

At RCS, we partner with business owners and leaders on identifying opportunities for scale and developing tailored solutions for organizational growth. From advisory and consultations, to long term projects and immediate ‘acting executive’ placements, RCS provides the flexibility, agility, and capacity for your business to find the right solution to your current needs

'Acting Executive' Services:

We are former executives that have led diverse businesses that have required rapidly learning on-the-job. Hiring in today’s competitive environment can be painstakingly slow, incredibly challenging, and difficult to confidently vet candidates. Utilize RCS to jump in to your business for an extended period of time to quickly provide stability, direction, guidance, and leadership into the future.

Strategic Planning:

We work closely with founders and leadership teams to develop comprehensive strategic plans tailored to your unique business objectives. Our strategic planning services encompass market analysis, competitive positioning, growth forecasting, and risk assessment to lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Organizational Assessment, Structure, and Design:

As organizations scale, the need for evolving roles and responsibilities emerge. Our experts have built teams and departments from scratch, as well as redesigned organizations to match their growing needs. We will help you identify current gaps in your org structure, help define required improvements, and execute on implementing the strategy to strengthen the company as it scales.

Operational Optimization:

Leveraging best practices and cutting-edge methodologies, we help optimize your operational processes to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and reduce costs. From supply chain management to resource allocation to scaling operations, our experts identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to drive operational excellence. Operations Services: • Business Operations • Warehouse Operations • Manufacturing Operations • Delivery Operations • Supply Chain Management • Product Development

Market Expansion:

As your business scales, we assist in identifying new market opportunities and developing tailored expansion strategies to capitalize on them. From market research and entry planning to international expansion, we help you navigate unfamiliar territories and unlock growth potential in new markets.

Risk Planning and Strategy:

While there are an endless number of threats to your business, there are also strategies that can be put in place to mitigate and prepare for those risks. Our Risk Planning and Strategy services will help control and reduce the impact of risks to your business through developing controls and systems that mitigate issue severity and minimize negative consequences.

Growth, Marketing and Sales:

Our team can help you develop robust marketing and sales strategies designed to generate leads and grow your company into the future. We will perform market research to identify target markets, evaluate brand standards and opportunities, strengthen customer engagement, increase customer loyalty, and deliver analytical insights to help plan best-practice tactics to capture market share.

Financial and ROI Advisory:

Our financial advisory services are designed to empower startups and SMBs with the financial insights and expertise needed to make informed decisions. Whether it’s fundraising strategies, budgeting, financial modeling, or cash flow management, we provide actionable recommendations to optimize your financial performance and fuel growth.

Insights and Analytics:

In today’s business environment, having a data strategy is crucial for success. Our experts will help your firm identify key data sources vital for analysis, organize the data, establish core KPIs and metrics for review, and deliver critical insights through detailed reporting.

Technology Integration:

In today’s digital age, leveraging technology is essential for scaling operations efficiently. We offer guidance on technology selection, integration, and optimization to enhance productivity, automate processes, and drive innovation across your organization.

Human Capital Development:

People are the cornerstone of any successful organization. We provide expertise in talent acquisition, organizational development, and employee engagement strategies to build high-performing teams that drive business growth and success.